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Orthaheel Sports Innersoles

$ 35.00


A unique orthotic designed to re-align the lower limb and assist correct biomechanical control during walking, running and a wide range of sporting activities, in turn relieving painful conditions and helping prevent strain and injury to the feet, knees, shins and lower back. Ideal for running or jogging shoes. Reinforced shell for extra motion control with 4 degree inbuilt rear-foot control.

Size Available:

Kids (1.5-3M/2.5-4W)

XS (3.5-5M/4.5-6W)

S (5.5-7M/6.5-8W)

M (7.5-9M/8.5-10W)

L (9.5-11M/10.5-12W)

XL (11.5-13Men)


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